“CFL Plants, LED Light(Bulb), Mobile Charger, Thread Machine, Noodles Machine, Plastic plant, Molding Machine, Dona Plate Machine”

About Us

Global Marketing provides the best of solution equipments at competitive prices with international performance and safety specifications. Global Marketing has mastered the art of bringing flexibility and utility to its functional designs while coming out with products which are a winning combination of user-friendly features, practical utility and aesthetics.

Being one of the few Indian Power Conversion Equipment companies with an in-house R&D facility, Global Marketing has a well managed team with specialists in power electronics, hardware and software with strong professional temperament and an enviable track record. Global Marketing as an established institution for their Technological Development and Products activities.

We have a strong brand share in the product solution market. But with the change in technology and market trends we approach for providing the customer with reliable, easily maintainable and durable well-researched consumer electronics products.

This is precisely why we launched The products range includes CFL Plant, Led lights, Mobile Charger, Thread Machine, Noodles Machine, Punching Machine, Basin Tray, Tool Kit, Testing Board, Plastic Plant etc.

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